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Our Scentsy Story: From Small Beginnings to Leading the Way

Back in 2011, we started our scent-sational adventure as the first ever Scentsy Ireland & UK Consultants, and since then, we've had the privilege of guiding over 700 consultants. Now, our reach extends to over 14 countries, proving our commitment and passion, which was recognized when we were finalists for Scentsy's first-ever Global Shining Star Award' in 2018.

We're proud to be Europe's top Superstar Director team, a sign that we're at the forefront of the direct sales world. We've also stepped into the digital era, hosting online workshops that connect with thousands worldwide. What we love most about Scentsy is how it fits with our family life, allowing us to focus on our daughter and even start home-schooling her without giving up on our careers.

Explore the World of Scentsy with Us:

Dive into Scentsy's fragrant world with our range of electric wax warmers, candle bars, ultrasonic diffusers, and essential oils. Check out our collection at We cater to our European friends and offer hassle-free delivery. If you're outside these areas, get in touch for a special delivery quote.

For more on Scentsy, from joining our team to product insights, our blog at is the place to be.

Our Family's Scentsy Adventure:

Our journey with Scentsy began on 17 April 2011, marking Scentsy's launch in Europe. Scentsy shone through as a ray of hope after a bump in our retail road. Meeting Scentsy Fragrance CFO, Chuck Thompson, convinced us of Scentsy's values and vision.

By 2023, our Scentsy journey has been incredible, taking us on over 20 all-inclusive trips, from Caribbean cruises to the vibrant streets of Singapore.

But more than the awards and trips, it's the worldwide friendships we've made and the personal growth we've seen that really tell our Scentsy story. Watching our team grow, celebrating their wins, and sharing their happiness is what it's all about.

For us, Scentsy has been a source of strength and purpose, especially through tough times.

Start Your Dream Life with Scentsy:

Picture working from home, on your schedule, being your own boss. That's the beauty of direct sales. With Scentsy, it's more than just selling products; it's about building a life you adore.

We've witnessed it firsthand. We've seen people change their lives, enjoy more family time, take dream holidays, buy that new car, or move into their dream house, all thanks to Scentsy.

And the best bit? You're not on your own. We're here to help, support, and celebrate with you every step of the way. If you're wondering what Scentsy could do for you and how it could change your life, we're here to show you.

Interested? Get in touch for more details and let's chat. A brighter future is waiting for you!