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BUY SCENTSY PRODUCTS ONLINE UK/IRELAND/FRANCE/SPAIN  Buy scentsy electric  wax warmers, scentsy candle bars, scentsy ultrasonic diffusers and Scentsy essential Oils online at  we deliver Scentsy products all over europe - if your country is not listed for direct delivery please email us for a delivery quote using the contact us link. Read our online Scentsy Blog here and find out more about how to become a scentsy consutlant, reviews of Scentsy Wax Warmers and other products and much more: Join Scentsy UK/Ireland - Our Scentsy Story – The Wickfree Family Scott and I joined Scentsy on the day it launched in Europe, 17 April 2011.  Our Scentsy story is one of fun, making money and friends and gaining confidence and new skills.  I lost my retail fair trade business in December 2010 due to bad weather and poor sales, we could not survive on our events business income and things were getting desperate.  Then I got an email from the USA telling me about this clever, safe candle called Scentsy.  After we went to the product launch in Belfast and chatted to Scentsy Fragrance President, Chuck Thompson, we both knew this was an ethical direct selling company with an awesome product so we joined up. Fast-forward to 2015 and we have just returned from our sixth all expenses paid trip with Scentsy to Cancun, Mexico and life is GOOD.  We are Europe’s first Director team and have helped over 700 people start successful home businesses and become team leaders with Scentsy.  We have won awards (European Annual Mentor Award 2012, 13/14 and 2015, countless sales/sponsoring awards etc), earned six all expenses paid trips for two (Las Vegas, Mediterranean Cruise, Greece, Tenerife and Cancun Mexico twice).  Best of all we are earning a full time income (we quit our events business in Dec.2012) so I can stay home with our new baby girl and be a work from home mummy.  More important to us than the awards and rewards is the friendships we have across Europe and the USA/Canada/Australia and Mexico thanks to Scentsy.  We get such a kick out of seeing our team members make great sales, afford treats for their familys they could only dream of before Scentsy and win awards and free trips. Personally I have developed confidence in myself and overcome depression (after a family loss) on my Scentsy journey, excelling in this business gave me something fun to focus on and for that I am eternally grateful.  We would love to help you start your Scentsy journey – we promise to support and guide you whenever you need us.  You will have no pressure from Scentsy or us and the role is total flexible – this will be YOUR BUSINESS YOUR WAY.